“We Will Remember, We Will Never Forget”

Written by

Scottish Poppy Appeal

As we approach Armistice Day it is a time for us all to reflect, and to remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country, our lives and our way of life. It is a time to recognise our dedicated and heroic service personnel, who, on a daily basis stand strong in protecting us and the democracy and peace we all too often take for granted.

Those who serve, or who have served, regular or reserve, desk or desert, deserve to live life without disadvantage after service. Veterans are deserving of good job prospects, health and homes and together we can make a huge difference to their chances of achieving these basic aims.

With this in mind on your behalf we shall be donating a pound (£1.00) per diner between Wednesday 1st November and Sunday 12th November to the Scottish Poppy Appeal. Those who serve and their families deserve recognition and deserve all of our support – help us in helping them.

Go the extra Mile. We would ask that those travelling to the Bakehouse donate 5p per mile travelled to the Scottish Poppy appeal which we will match, it will only amount to pennies for each person but as a whole the pounds will follow. Our aim is to raise at least £750 between now and November 12th, we cannot do this without you.

Photo credit: By John Haslam from Dornoch, Scotland – LEST WE FORGET